Africa 2 June 2013

Addis Ababa has started constructing. But experts say this will decrease. Egypt's water levels, crucial for agriculture. In response, Egyptians have protested at the Ethiopian Embassy in Cairo.

Africa 2 June 2013

Morgan Tsvangirai has raised concerns over political intimidation ahead of elections. The Prime Minister says electoral reforms are crucial.

Africa 31 May 2013

embers of parliament have defied President Uhuru Kenyatta and voted to raise their salaries to 130 times the minimum wage. The protestors used piglets in their demonstrations.

Africa 28 May 2013

A Ugandan community project aims to bring down the country’s high child malnutrition rates. Health workers are educating residents in the south western Ibanda district about the importance of proper nutrition.

Africa 28 May 2013

Tanzania's Maasai people are under threat. They've been embroiled in a decades-long land dispute with government. And now the Maasai are calling for urgent action.

Africa 28 May 2013

The murder of a British soldier in London has once again put Africa in the spotlight - for all the wrong reasons. Two men of Nigerian descent hacked to death the soldier in broad daylight.

Africa 28 May 2013

Political moves to end Syria's conflict are gathering pace. Russia and the US have agreed to do their utmost to bring Syria's warring parties to the table. The proposed conference is expected to take place in Switzerland next month.

Africa 26 May 2013

Clashes between M23 rebels and the Congolese army have forced many to flee their homes. Thousands have escaped to refugee camps in neighbouring Rwanda and NGO’s say, they are battling to feed the influx of people.

Africa 26 May 2013

Brazil is seeking to boost ties with Africa. The country announced on Saturday, plans to write off Africa’s debts worth an estimated 900 million US dollars.

Africa 26 May 2013

As the continent celebrated Africa Day, West Africa bureau chief, Kwangu Liwewe met up with Nigerian singer, Femi Kuti who shared is thoughts on Africa's future.