Zimbabwean military holds urgent media briefing
Africa 20 November 2017

HARARE, 20 November - Zimbabwe's governing Zanu-PF says its MPs will launch a motion for impeachment, which will see President Robert Mugabe ousted by Thursday. War veterans and civil rights groups are also calling for the 93-year-old leader to step down.

Zimbabwe’s political newcomer Marco Machona reflects on the country’s crisis
Africa 20 November 2017

Zanu-PF, has recalled Mugabe as its president and expelled first lady, Grace Mugabe. But the 93-year old is digging in his heels. Marco Machona, the founding president of Zimbabwe's newest political party, The African Democrats speaks to eNCA.

Zimbabwean students want President Mugabe to step down
Africa 20 November 2017

HARARE, 20 November 2017 - Zimbabwean students have taken to the streets, calling for President Robert Mugabe to resign. The students have also shut down the University of Zimbabwe.​

Zimbabwe War Veterans Association heads to court to force Mugabe to resign
Africa 20 November 2017

The Zimbabwe War Veterans Association is heading to court to force President Robert Mugabe to resign. It accuses him of dereliction of duty.

Robert Mugabe addresses the nation after calls for his resignation
Africa 20 November 2017

Robert Mugabe addressed the nation on Sunday night after the governing party Zanu-PF made it clear he must resign. The expected resignation did not happen, but there's suspicion he may have read a speech in breach of an agreement with the army chiefs.

Emotional reaction to news of Mugabe's resignation
Africa 19 November 2017

There was an emotional reaction in studio when news emerged that Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe, who has been in office for more than 37 years, is about to resign.

First Lady falls from grace
Africa 19 November 2017

Zimbabwe, 19 November 2017 - Zanu-PF has also expelled several party members reportedly close to the Mugabe family. The former first lady has also been stripped of all titles.

POLITBUREAU: Zimbabwe Rising Part 1 of 3
Africa 19 November 2017

Johannesburg, 19 November 2017 - Pressure continues to mount for President Robert Mugabe to step down

Zanu-PF deliberates around Mugabe​ removal
Africa 19 November 2017

HARARE, 19 November 2017 - Zanu-PF's central committee is meeting to discuss the removal of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe. eNCA correspondent, Pindai Dube, is in Harare.

Protesting Zimbabweans tell Zuma to stay out of their politics
Africa 18 November 2017

CAPE TOWN - Zimbabweans in South Africa have told President Jacob Zuma to stay out of Zimbabwean politics.