Unusual military activity in Harare raises eyebrows
Africa 14 November 2017

14 November 2017 – eNCA Zimbabwe correspondence Pindai Dube speaks about reports of a coup and the tanks seen in the capital Harare, just a day after the army chief issued a warning.

#AFRICA : We take a look at Ivory Coast’s new hydro-electric project and Nigeria’s bid to protect the Niger Delta from further attacks.
Africa 13 November 2017

Our guest this week is outgoing chairperson of the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights, Advocate Pansy Tlakula. Who takes us through the state of human rights on the continent. We close the show off with a group of young dancers from Uganda

#AFRICA : This week #Africa looks at the outbreak of infectious pneumonic plague in Madagascar and asks what threat it poses to countries on the continent.
Africa 6 November 2017

We also look at the outcome of Kenya’s rerun of its presidential elections and see where it all goes from there. We’ll also be looking at how much Ethiopians love their Volkswagen Beetles as the market for new cars there grows ever bigger.

Uhuru Kenyatta wins in Kenya's re-run presidential elections
Africa 30 October 2017

Uhuru Kenyatta won with 98,2 percent of the vote, despite four opposition areas boycotting the polls.

#AFRICA : We take a look at the Kenyan elections and the unrest surrounding it in various parts of the country.
Africa 30 October 2017

Our guest picks up on that and the current systems of democracy on the African continent. We also take a look at the plague in Madagascar. And seal it with Rwanda’s improved transport system.

#Africa : We take a look at the Somali blast that killed more than 300 people in the capital of Mogadishu
Africa 23 October 2017

Our guest talks about al Shabaab attacks in that region. We also take a look at the 30th anniversary of Thomas Sankara's assassination. We also have a look at potential investment opportunities on the African continent.

Zuma’s visit to Nigeria continues to spark controversy
Africa 20 October 2017

NIGERIA 20 October 2017 - President Jacob Zuma’s visit to Nigeria continues to spark controversy with citizens taking to social media, criticising the state governor for honouring the South African president with a statue.

#Africa looks at the relevance of the Pan African Parliament, which this week went into its 5th session this year
Africa 13 October 2017

We ask if it’s a realistic model for formulating a continental approach to African issues. We’ll also look at the latest developments in the ongoing Kenyan election re-run

#AFRICA : Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s visit to South Africa
Africa 6 October 2017

Our Africa analyst talks about the bilateral relations between the two nations. We also look at Nigeria’s first ever beer festival. We close it off with Turkey opening a military base in Somalia, where they’ll be training soldiers

#AFRICA : This week #Africa talks to an expert about China’s relationship with Africa
Africa 2 October 2017

What does China really want from African countries?