#Africa : We take a look at the Somali blast that killed more than 300 people in the capital of Mogadishu
Africa 23 October 2017

Our guest talks about al Shabaab attacks in that region. We also take a look at the 30th anniversary of Thomas Sankara's assassination. We also have a look at potential investment opportunities on the African continent.

Zuma’s visit to Nigeria continues to spark controversy
Africa 20 October 2017

NIGERIA 20 October 2017 - President Jacob Zuma’s visit to Nigeria continues to spark controversy with citizens taking to social media, criticising the state governor for honouring the South African president with a statue.

#Africa looks at the relevance of the Pan African Parliament, which this week went into its 5th session this year
Africa 13 October 2017

We ask if it’s a realistic model for formulating a continental approach to African issues. We’ll also look at the latest developments in the ongoing Kenyan election re-run

#AFRICA : Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s visit to South Africa
Africa 6 October 2017

Our Africa analyst talks about the bilateral relations between the two nations. We also look at Nigeria’s first ever beer festival. We close it off with Turkey opening a military base in Somalia, where they’ll be training soldiers

#AFRICA : This week #Africa talks to an expert about China’s relationship with Africa
Africa 2 October 2017

What does China really want from African countries?

Two Zimbabwean journalists allegedly attacked by police
Africa 30 September 2017

HARARE, 30 September 2017 - Two Zimbabwean journalists Mugove Tafirenyika and Brighton Goko have been hospitalised after they were allegedly assaulted by police while they were covering a protest against the country's economic crisis.​

#Africa picks up on the Lesotho conversation. We talk to an expert on what SADC is proposing to help restore stability in Lesotho
Africa 22 September 2017

We also take a look at Zimbabwe’s new digital voters' roll ahead of the 2018 presidential and parliamentary elections. And we go to Somali to look at the annual book fair that was held in the capital

Doctors Without Borders working to contain cholera outbreak in the DRC
Africa 21 September 2017

JOHANNESBURG, 21 September 2017 – Todd Phillips of Doctors Without Borders says they are working closely with the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo, to contain a cholera outbreak.

Bogus doctor nabbed
Africa 19 September 2017

JOHANNESBURG 19 September 2017 - For years bogus doctors have been issuing thousands of medical clearances to public transport drivers. But now the law is catching up with them as the Road Traffic Management Corporation embarks on a clampdown.​

This week #Africa talks to an expert on Lesotho. We ask why the country is on the verge of yet another coup ?
Africa 18 September 2017

We also ask why is the country prone to political instability. We will go to Kenya to see a new on line taxi service that is taking on global giant Uber. And we’ll meet that country’s women’s football team which is one its way to compete in New York.