Life 31 October 2013

Johannesburg, October 31 - Candice Jordaan, winner of the Young Chef of the Year cooking competition, has been awarded a spot at a prestigious culinary school in Thailand.

Life 28 October 2013

Photographer Carli Davidson has released a book of high speed photography, capturing the hilarious faces dogs pull when they are shaking off water.

Life 27 October 2013

KwaZulu-Natal, October 27 - The Midlands Meander in KwaZulu-Natal is home to the Nottingham Road Brewing Company, which has been around since the 1990's. With the increased demand for distinctive beers, the company is doing better than ever.

Life 27 October 2013

Soweto, October 27 - More than 40 locally brewed beers were on offer at the Soweto Beer Festival. It is one of the biggest events in the area, and has been running for 19 years.

Life 26 October 2013

October 26 - eNCA speaks to Elijah Kodisang, organiser of the Jozi Book Fair, about the festival which end on Saturday.

Life 26 October 2013

Johannesburg, October 26 - Bubble tea, the Taiwanese-born blend of fruit, milk and tapioca pearls, has been popular in south-east Asia for the past 15 years. The beverage is becoming quite the craze in South Africa.

Life 25 October 2013

October 22 - Godfrey Senwelo Mautloa speaks to eNCA about the importance of the Soweto Beer Festival in South Africa's largest township.

Life 18 October 2013

A dog owner received a number of noise complaints so they decided to set up a secret camera to catch the culprit

Sterns set to earn big in auction
Life 18 October 2013

If you’re a lover of local art or simply curious to see something that’s rarely in the public eye, an upcoming auction offers a glimpse at rare Irma Stern artwork.

Life 13 October 2013

Children and other onlookers take in the spectacle of Banky's New York installation "Sirens of the Lambs in Brooklyn, New York on 11 October 2013.