Life 11 October 2013

October 11 – Trevor Noah explains the various South African clicks, and demonstrates by singing Miriam Makeba's Click song, as a guest on UK show QI. CREDIT: BBC

Life 8 October 2013

Cape Town, October 8 - Health-conscious foodies have attempted to reverse the unhealthy reputation of the Mother City's favourite fast food, the Gatsby. 

Life 7 October 2013

England, October 7 - Hoping to beat the Americans, over 1,000 Brits dressed up as vampires to achieve a Guinness World Record. Although missing their target by 500 people, they still managed to set a new European record.

Life 7 October 2013

Johannesburg, October 7 - Two South African brothers own the largest collection of original Vladimir Tretchikoff paintings. The brothers have made it their mission to keep as many of his works in the country in which he created them.

Life 1 October 2013

California, October 1 - The fifth annual Surf City Surf Dog competition was held in California. The event is held to raise funds for various animal welfare organisations.

Life 4 September 2013

An 80's diva is giving top artists like Justin Bieber and Robin Williams a run for their money.

Japanese whisky making a splash locally
Life 5 July 2013

South African whisky drinkers’ palettes may be more accustomed to drams from Scotland, Ireland or America. However, another northern hemisphere country with a rich whisky-making tradition is proving to be increasingly popular in local glasses.

Life 18 May 2013

New York, May 17 - South African comedian Trevor Noah performed on David Letterman's late night show. [LNDLclips]

Life 13 April 2013

Diana Bollweg of Howling Huskies Sledding Club explains the various disciplines of dryland sledding in South Africa

Dance Umbrella celebrates major milestone
Life 4 March 2013

A participant in the annual Dance Umbrella festival in Johannesburg.