Oesfees honours Cape culture
Life 22 March 2014

Franschhoek, Western Cape, March 22 - Farm workers in the Cape Winelands are celebrating the end of a busy harvest season. But it is not just about food, drink and song. They are also honouring the Cape’s culture and heritage.

Festival proves Kalahari is home to more than sand
Life 22 March 2014

Askham, Northern Cape, March 22 - The sand dunes outside the small town of Askham in the Northern Cape are hosting a festival with a difference this weekend.

Miners Shot Down: ‘keeping the fight for justice alive’
Life 22 March 2014

Johannesburg - The documentary ‘Miners Shot Down’ by renowned South African filmmaker Rehad Desai was screened at The Bioscope Independent Cinema in Newtown on Thursday.

Mandela reads ‘Die Kind’ in 1994
Life 21 March 2014

March 21 – Ingrid Jonker’s ‘Die Kind’ (The Child), was written in the wake of the 1960 Sharpeville Massacre. Listen to President Nelson Mandela reading it in English during the opening of South Africa's first democratic Parliament in May 1994.

JONKER: Poetry of resistance
Life 21 March 2014

March 21 - Many poets and writers used their work to expose the atrocities of the apartheid regime. In 1994 President Nelson Mandela recited Ingrid Jonker’s poem ‘Die Kind’. Today, ANC stalwart Matthews Phosa recites the poem for eNCA viewers.

‘Let it Go’ - Disney and Pixar mash-up!
Life 21 March 2014

March 21 - The song ‘Let It Go’ from Disney's 2013 animated feature film Frozen has received universal acclaim. So what better way to preserve that magic than to do a Disney/Pixar mash-up of the track?

Daredevil performs handstand on high-rise building
Life 19 March 2014

British daredevil Scott Young performed this extreme handstand on the edge of high-rise building in Shanghai on March 10, without the aide of a harness or safety net. YouTube/3runTube

Mars One: Adventure or hoax?
Life 18 March 2014

March 18 – The brainchild of a Dutch businessman, the Mars One project aims to start a colony on Mars in 2023. Listen in as a young Canadian applicant answers the question: Why do you want to make the one-way trip?

A unique way to honour Madiba
Life 18 March 2014

Paarl, Western Cape, March 18 - The Department of Tourism has found a unique way to honour the Madiba legacy. It has created a Madiba journey tribute map, which tracks Nelson Mandela’s life across South Africa.

Chicago River goes green for St Paddy’s!
Life 17 March 2014

Chicago, March 17 – In the spirit of St Patrick’s Day Chicago turns its river green! Watch as a boat trails 45lbs of green vegetable dye down the river