AA predicts 26c a litre petrol price increase
Money 1 July 2018

This latest increase is expected to hurt motorists already suffering from recent steep increases.

WATCH: Government spends over 200-billion on healthcare
Money 21 June 2018

JOHANNESBUR, 21 June 2018 - Government will spend over 200-billion rand on healthcare this year. It all begs the question - do we need the National Health Insurance? Let's get some perspective.

Money Matters : #Legacy
Money 28 May 2018

Most parents want their children to be more financially secure than they were and to live their lives without financial stress

Agritourism on the rise
Money 23 May 2018

South Africans are increasingly visiting farm areas for recreational and educational purposes. We visit a fish farm in Johannesburg to learn more about tilapia fish.

App to help taxi users launched
Money 23 May 2018

can sometimes be a painful exercise. Now a new app, Khwela, helps you navigate your way through the taxi network.

Ultimatum given to foreign nationals by Durban business association
Money 16 May 2018

A north Durban business association has given foreign nationals until tomorrow to shut their businesses and leave the area.

Money Matters: #CreditCheck
Money 7 May 2018

Award-winning financial journalist Maya Fisher-French looks at the best ways of investing and paying off debt.

Author Jacques Pauw on Tom Moyane's disciplinary charges
Money 4 May 2018

JOHANNESBURG 04 May 2018 –In his book 'The President's Keepers', Jacques Pauw, talks about the close ties between Sars boss Tom Moyane and former president Jacob Zuma. He comments on the disciplinary charges Moyane will have to answer to.

Pizza boxes transformed into reading boxes
Money 26 April 2018

American pizza franchise, Pizza Hut, has launched the Africa Literacy project to get reading material to underprivileged kids on the continent. The company is converting pizza boxes into red reading boxes.

SA investors react to scandal-hit Steinhoff’s AGM
Money 20 April 2018

CAPE TOWN, 20 April 2018 - South African investors and shareholders are attending Steinhoff’s Annual General Meeting in Cape Town, which is being screened via live video from Amsterdam. This is the first AGM since the company was implicated in accounting