Need to Know: How long it will take for my credit score to change to a positive after paying off my debt?
Money 15 November 2017

TransUnion Africa's Lee Naik answers this question.

Medium and long-term outlook for medical property remains strong
Money 14 November 2017

Medical real estate investment is not a short-term strategy recommended for investors. However, the medium and long-term outlook for medical property remains strong. Global Due Diligence Manager at Wealth Migrate, Willie Oelofse, discusses further.

Free education activist says recommended loan system by the Heher Commission does not address key issues faced by poor students
Money 14 November 2017

The highly anticipated report into the feasibility of free tertiary education has finally been released. To discuss the recommendations, Moneyline is joined by the Chair of the Lesedi Education Endowment Fund, Khaya Sithole.

Need to Know: Are banks allowed to charge a higher interest because of a bad credit score?
Money 14 November 2017

Lee Naik from TransUnion Africa answers this question.

Tech Wrap: Recourse after cybercrime
Money 13 November 2017

Currently no legislation exists compelling a business to disclose data breaches to its information security. What legal recourse is available to those affected? Senior Associate at Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr, Fatima Ameer-Mia joins Moneyline.

Tech and Stuff: Fake Whatsapp and Spam
Money 13 November 2017

eMedia’s Head of Development, Jason Adriaan, fills us in on Fake Whatsapp on Google Play store as users warned against fake apps that install malware on your device.

Is an MBA still worth the cost and time?
Money 13 November 2017

According to the Financial Mail, one can expect to pay up to two hundred and fifty thousand rand for an MBA in South Africa. But, is an MBA still worth its value? CEO of Odgers Berndtson Southern Africa, Leon Ayo, discusses.

Are strikes still effective in wage negotiation?
Money 13 November 2017

Wage negotiations are often fraught with labour unrest in the major economic sectors. Advocate Tertius Wessels, Legal Manager at Strata-G Labour Solutions, discusses whether workers are able to get better working conditions through strike action.

Looking at the benefits of saving offshore
Money 13 November 2017

With the economy in doldrums, more and more people, are looking at saving in international currencies. To discuss this further is Daniel Buntman, Head of International, Retail and Business Banking at Absa.

The Economic Freedom Fighters' call for nationalization of banks
Money 13 November 2017

The Economic Freedom Fighters called for a debate in Parliament on nationalizing South Africa's banks. The Banking Association says this call is alarming. Economist Siya Biniza discusses this issue further.