Chinese investment in SA to increase
Money 6 December 2014

Beijing, 06 December 2014 - President Jacob Zuma’s visit to China is being hailed a success. Various government and private sector deals have been signed between the two countries.

Businesses build on Madiba’s unity
Money 5 December 2014

Johannesburg, 05 December 2014 - Some of the country's leading business figures gathered on Friday to discuss how best to build on Nelson Mandela's legacy, with regards to the country's struggling economy.

Electricity blackouts are good news for generator suppliers
Money 2 December 2014

At the weekend Eskom shut down parts of the national grid for urgent maintenance and to build up diesel supplies. That saw a surge in generator sales.

Hardworking hands show promise for SA economy
Money 25 November 2014

Johannesburg, 25 November 2014 - So far, 2014 has been a tough year for South Africa's economy. 
But things are looking better. 
The latest figures from StatsSA show that the country is at least moving in the right direction.

UK forex gives banks a run for their money
Money 25 November 2014

25 November 2014 - A forex firm in the UK is hoping save consumers money. The company plans to compete with banks and money transfer companies by not charging exorbitant fees.

HANGOUT: The role of the Reserve Bank in the economy
Money 25 November 2014

HANGOUT: The role of the Reserve Bank in the economy

Government wants more entrepreneurs to help grow the economy
Money 22 November 2014

Government wants more people to become entrepreneurs to help grow the economy and create jobs.

Accused fraudster to chair PetroSA
Money 21 November 2014

Johannesburg, 21 November 2014 - The man appointed to lead South Africa’s national oil company has been accused of fraud – by a former cabinet minister. Tshepo Kgadima was appointed Chairperson of PetroSA last week.

Cookies change lives in Northern Cape
Money 21 November 2014

Douglas, 21 November 2014 - A small biscuit factory in the Northern Cape town is making a big difference to the lives of workers. Thanks to a provincial Department of Economic Development grant, 15 locals are now employed at the factory.

SA’s not-so-modest R22-million GDP pledge
Money 19 November 2014

19 November 2014 - The 2014 G20 Summit has come and gone, with feedback from the South African delegation suggesting an urgency to deliver measurable results this year.