R15-million must be go back to Aurora estate to pay back miners
Money 27 August 2014

Pretoria, 27 August - The North Gauteng High Court ruled Tuesday that R15-million should be paid back to the liquidated Aurora estate. It may take a few months for 5, 300 Aurora workers to receive their share of that payback.

Healthy appetite feeds SA's meat industry
Money 27 August 2014

Bloemfontein, 27 August - South Africans’ healthy appetite for meat has seen a 4.6% growth in the agriculture sector.

GDP figures – the bottom line
Money 25 August 2014

Johannesburg – In the run-up to the GDP figures announcement on Tuesday, eNCA Economic Analyst Trudi Makhaya says that she expects very moderate growth for the South African economy.

Could South Africa be on the brink of recession?
Money 25 August 2014

Johannesburg – On Tuesday Statistics SA releases its GDP figures for the second quarter. But whatever the GDP results, much more needs to be done to get our economy on a healthy growth path.

Potential impact of downgraded SA banks
Money 20 August 2014

Johannesburg - The Reserve Bank has disputed credit rating agency Moody's downgrade of the country's four biggest banks. To discuss this story further is eNCA's Economic Analyst, Trudi Makhaya.

Capitec Bank reacts angrily to Moody’s downgrade
Money 19 August 2014

Capitec Bank has reacted angrily to the recent downgrade by ratings agency, Moody’s. The lender's financial strength rating has been cut two notches down, from an investment grade Baa3 rating to a speculative grade Ba2.

African Bank bailed out by the Reserve Bank
Money 12 August 2014

The South African Reserve Bank has bailed out African Bank after its shares crashed. This rescue is not dissimilar to one of the biggest bailouts ever- the US governments bank bailout following the 2008 crash.

JSE suspends African Bank trades
Money 11 August 2014

Johannesburg, 11 August 2014 - JSE trade in shares and bonds of African Bank has been suspended. The South African Reserve Bank has announced a R17-billion rescue plan, including placing the bank under curatorship.

African Bank facing a 6.4-billion rand loss
Money 7 August 2014

African Bank is in big trouble. It’s chief executive has quit and the bank is facing a 6.4-billion rand loss. Analysts fear the company may go under.

Hastings’ seven reasons to be optimistic about Africa
Money 6 August 2014

Michael Hastings is one of the 100 most influential black people in Britain. As a global head of citizenship, he has met many young Africans graduates from overseas universities and is struck by their excitement for Africa.