Risk of further ratings downgrades for SA economy
Money 4 July 2014

The risk of further ratings downgrades for the South African economy increased on Thursday. Moody’s warned the strike in the metal and engineering sector is affecting the country’s creditworthiness.

'Africa will reach a tipping point in two decades'
Money 4 July 2014

By 2035 the continent will reach a tipping point. According to an expert more than 50 percent of Africans will be living in cities.

SA moved further down Moody's list
Money 4 July 2014

Johannesburg, 4 July 2014 - South Africa's credit rating is facing the prospect of yet another downgrade. South Africa's credit rating is facing the prospect of yet another downgrade.

Fast 50: Technology and business innovation in Africa
Money 4 July 2014

Johannesburg, 3 July 2014 - Small businesses are essential to the African economy and are key drivers of economic growth, employment and innovation. eNCA speaks to Jonathan Houston, manager of technology at Deloitte, about the benefits of this.

From honey to money in Ethiopia
Money 3 July 2014

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Ethiopia is the biggest producer of honey in Africa, contributing about 23-percent of the continent's output.

Financial services sector is developing well in some African countries
Money 1 July 2014

Johannesburg, 30 June 2014 - A strong financial sector usually makes for strong economic growth, and Africa has experienced both. eNCA Africa Edition spoke to analyst Clive Ramathibela-Smith of Inkunzi Investments for more insights.

Ramatlhodi’s mining interests under question
Money 27 June 2014

June 27 - The mining minister says being a shareholder in a mining company didn’t influence his role as mediator in the platinum strike. Ngoako Ramatlhodi was responding to reports that he owns a multimillion rand stake in Atlatsa Resources Corporation.

'Government should have gotten involved sooner' - analyst
Money 26 June 2014

Johannesburg - Political analyst Koffi Kouakou speaks to eNCA Africa about the impact of the strike in the mining sector on South Africa. He says government should have gotten involved sooner as it affected the all sectors.

Routes Africa conference discusses challenges to aviation in Africa
Money 26 June 2014

Johannesburg, 25 June 2014 - Industry leaders met at the Routes Africa 2014 conference to discuss the aviation industry on the continent. A major focus was the challenges faced.

Africa's aviation industry soars
Money 25 June 2014

24 June 2014 - The Routes Africa Summit has said Africa’s aviation industry has taken off and continues to soar as one of fastest growing sectors in the world. eNCA business reporter Khuthaza Matoti discusses this with aviation analyst Chris Zweigenthal.