WATCH: Uncrashable Benz toycars
Technology 15 October 2015

15 October 2015 – Look at what happens when you spoil kids with uncrashable toy cars; they don’t like it much.

How safe are you online?
Technology 11 October 2015

Johannesburg, 11 October 2015 - Cybercriminals are continuously improving their scams, targeting vulnerable consumers. Unprotected internet connections and mobile devices cost South Africa nearly R6-billion in cybercrime last year.

Big plans for the future of science and innovation
Technology 7 October 2015

Johannesburg, 7 October 2015 - The Global Innovation Index ranks South Africa second in Sub-Saharan Africa for its innovative potential. That’s good news considering government has big plans for the country’s science and innovation future.

Nasa finds water flowing on Mars
Technology 29 September 2015

USA, 29 September 2015 - Scientists have found the first evidence that water occasionally flows on the planet's surface. They were relying on data obtained by Nasa's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft.

Volkswagen could be forced to recall SA vehicles
Technology 23 September 2015

23 September 2015 - Volkswagen could be forced to recall vehicles in South Africa, in the wake of a global emissions scandal. The Transport Department and the National Regulator for Compulsory Emissions are investigating the vehicle manufacturer.

Vumatel expands its network
Technology 4 September 2015

Johannesburg, 4 September 2015 - Broadband company Vumatel announced earlier this week that it is expanding its network. This should mean cheaper, easier and quicker internet access for South Africans.

Free Wi-Fi for all in Tshwane
Technology 19 August 2015

Pretoria, 19 August 2015 - The City of Tshwane believes technology is essential to improving service delivery. So, it's introduced the second leg of its massive free Wi-Fi rollout in public spaces.

What is Connect_ZA?
Technology 18 August 2015

Braamfontein, 18 August 2015 - Levinia Jones, from the British Council, explains what Connect_ZA is.

What is #WomenInTech?
Technology 18 August 2015

Braamfontein, 18 August 2015 - Levinia Jones, head of arts at the British Council, says that #WomenInTech is meant to inspire and explore the possibilities for women in the tech world.

Cybersecurity expert Gary Miliefsky
Technology 26 June 2015

26 June 2015 -
 Information about a popular smartphone application that could expose your personal information to cyber criminals