35 killed at Istanbul nightclub in Turkey
World 1 January 2017

Turkey, 01 January 2017 - At least one gunman shot his way into a busy nightclub in the country's most populous city, Istanbul. Some reports suggest there were multiple attackers dressed in Santa Claus costumes.

Holiday festivities around the world
World 22 December 2016

lavdiyevo-Tarasove, Ukraine​, 22 December 2016 - People around the world are preparing for Christmas and getting into the spirit of the festive season. Take a look at some of the traditions.​

Response to Aleppo from the public was overwhelming - Operation SA
World 21 December 2016

Johannesburg, 21 December 20116 - Humanitarian group Operation SA called on locals to help the people of war-torn Syria. It was stunned by the response.

South Africans dig deep and raise R10-million for war-torn Syria
World 21 December 2016

Johannesburg, 21 December 2016 - South Africans have pledged more than R10-million in a bid to help the people of Aleppo. Humanitarian group OperationSA put out a call to local, to help those in the war-torn Syrian city.

Ceasefire 'collapsed' in Aleppo
World 14 December 2016

A ceasefire deal has reportedly been broken in Aleppo, Syria. It would have seen rebels evacuate the city, and cede control over to government forces.

SA's Noah interviews outgoing US President Obama
World 13 December 2016

JOHANNESBURG, 13 December 2016 - Trevor Noah sat down for the most high-profile interview of his career as host of The Daily Show: outgoing US President Barack Obama, at the White House on Monday night.

Aids memorial unveiled in New York
World 1 December 2016

JOHANNESBURG, 01 December 2016 - To mark World Aids Day, a memorial has been unveiled in New York to commemorate the tens of thousands of people that have lost their lives in the city to the epidemic. ​

Cuba is mourning the death of Fidel Castro
World 26 November 2016

JOHANNESBURG - 26 November 2016 - Former Cuban president Fidel Castro he led the guerrilla campaign to oust general Fulgencio Batista in 1959. Castro was hailed a hero and tireless defender of the poor by his supporters, but denounced as a dictator and o

John Stremlau speaks on revolutionary leader Fidel Castro
World 26 November 2016

JOHANNESBURG – 26 November 2016 - An international relations expert says that Fidel Castro was a force to be reckoned with. John Stremlau spoke to eNCA about the former Cuban leader.​

Cuban residents in Miami were cheering in the streets after hearing of Castro's death
World 26 November 2016

JOHANNESBURG - 26 November 2016 - Thousands of Cubans fled the island after the Cuban revolution of 1959. Faced with harsh sanctions, Cuba's economy was brought to its knees and many left for the US during the 80's.​