This is a man who has called women, pigs slobs and dogs: Hillary Clinton
World 27 September 2016

27 September 2016 - Hillary Clinton has slated Donald Trump over his stance on women.

Why won't he release his tax returns: Hillary Clinton
World 27 September 2016

27 September 2016 - Clinton has criticised Trump for not releasing his tax returns. Saying it raises questions about whether he's as rich and charitable as he claims to be.

I will release my tax returns against my lawyer’s wishes: Donald Trump
World 27 September 2016

27 September 2016 - Trump and Clinton clashed over taxes and emails during the first election debate.

WATCH: Trevor Noah on Clinton, Trump presidential debate
World 27 September 2016

27 September 2016 - As Americans prepare to go to the polls next month, the two presidential candidates battled it out in heated debate.

Washington opens Museum dedicated history of African Americans
World 24 September 2016

Washington, 24 September 2016 - America's capital is opening its doors to a new museum dedicated to the history of African Americans in the country.

Africa is ripe for investment: Obama
World 23 September 2016

NEW YORK, 23 September 2016 – Speaking at the US Africa Business Forum, on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York, US President Barack Obama said Africa was ripe for investment. President Jacob Zuma attended the forum.

Ban Ki-moon set to step down
World 17 September 2016

Ban Ki-moon set to step down

UN investigators analyse nine Syria cases
World 31 August 2016

NEW YORK, 31 August 2016 - The United Nations has failed to agree on action against Syria after findings it had used chemical weapons in the ongoing civil war. Calls have been made for sanctions to be imposed against the Bashar al-Assad regime.

Extraterrestrial signal picked up by Russian astronomers
World 31 August 2016

31 August 2016 - American scientists say a curious extraterrestrial signal, found by Russian astronomers, is probably not from a distant civilization. They've tried to find the signal again, but have had no luck so far.

EXCLUSIVE: Trevor Noah - Unplugged and plugged in
World 26 August 2016

26 August 2016 - In an eNCA exclusive, Trevor Noah speaks to Jeremy Maggs in New York. As host of The Daily Show, Noah talks about the pressure to succeed and why American politics is the gift that keeps on giving.