African slave trade, the arts and industry in Rio
World 25 August 2016

Rio de Janeiro, 25 August 2016 - The 2016 Rio Olympics has provided the perfect opportunity for eNCA reporter Junia Stainbank to delve into the history of the intriguing city. He explored the colourful yet shameful history of Praca Maua.

Cupping therapy a growing trend
World 13 August 2016

Johannesburg, 13 August 2016 - A number of star athletes, including American swimmer Michael Phelps and gymnast Alex Naddour, have been spotted with round purple marks on their bodies.

VIDEO: California wildfire surges, thousands of homes threatened
World 10 August 2016

California, 10 August 2016 - A Southern California wildfire has surged in size and put thousands of homes in potential peril.

Protests ahead of Rio Olympics opening ceremony
World 6 August 2016

Rio, Brazil, 06 August 2016 -The 2016 Rio Olympics have kicked off in Brazil. But not without protest. Hours before the opening ceremony, thousands took to the streets in anti-government demonstrations.

Clinton for president
World 29 July 2016

29 July 2016 - Hillary Clinton has formally accepted the Democratic Party nomination to stand for US President. She's made history by becoming the first female presidential candidate for a major US party.

Hillary Clinton makes history in US elections
World 27 July 2016

US - 27 July 2016 - Hillary Clinton's 2016 bid for the White House was solidified by the Democrats, making her the first female to run for president for a major party.

Suicide bomber wounds 12 people
World 25 July 2016

Germany, 25 July 2016 - In Germany, a Syrian asylum seeker has blown himself up, fuelling concerns about security there. Twelve people were wounded. This is the fourth violent attack in a week by Middle Eastern refugees.

30 000 refugees have fled fresh fighting in South Sudan
World 23 July 2016

23 July 2016 - The United Nations Mission in South Sudan is appealing for help with the influx of people displaced following recent clashes between rival forces in the capital, Juba.

Trump a step closer to White House
World 20 July 2016

USA, 20 July 2016 - Donald Trump is one step closer to the White House. He's been endorsed as the Republican Party's presidential nominee. Next week Hillary Clinton is expected to become the Democratic challenger.

Thousands of troops arrested in Turkey
World 16 July 2016

Turkey, 16 July 2016 - More than a hundred people have been killed after a foiled coup attempt in Turkey. The government there says its regained control of the country. Thousands of troops have been arrested.