World 4 June 2013

Deadly flooding has swept across much of central Europe. Heavy rains and raging rivers have driven thousands from their homes and killed at least eight people.

World 3 June 2013

The desert highways of the Arabian Peninsula are notorious for daredevil driving. But a new stunt technique takes the meaning of "off-road" to another level completely.

World 1 June 2013

Anyone who has spent any time online will have met Grumpy Cat. This household pet, with the permanently petulant profile, has become an internet sensation and like all good celebrities is about to release a new book and star in a new movie.

World 30 May 2013

A New Zealand mayor is up in arms about a challenge to his Guinness World Record. In April last year Tim Shadbolt was interviewed for just over 26 hours straight on television. But now Norway's waiting for verification to officially beat them.

World 29 May 2013

Around 4000 climbers have reached the top of Mount Everest since it was first scaled by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953. But no-one has until this week, ever climbed the world's highest mountain, to jump off it. And the timing couldn't be

World 29 May 2013

France's first gay marriage is set to take place on Wednesday afternoon amid tight security and a heavy media presence. French President Francois Hollande gave the law the green light just over a week ago.

World 28 May 2013

Government still can’t confirm if the two tourists kidnapped in Yemen are South Africans. Police in Yemen, however, have not only announced that two South Africans were kidnapped, but have named a politician whom they believe is responsible for the attack

World 28 May 2013

It is almost 60 years to the day since man first conquered the world’s highest peak. Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay trekked through the Himalayas for weeks to reach the top of Mount Everest.

World 21 May 2013

America's the birthplace of modern competitive eating. And we're used to it being a rather messy business- with participants spattering their clothes in apparent gluttony. But at an annual speed eating event in the UK, there's no junk food in sight.

World 20 May 2013

Authorities are calling it a lucky near miss. A giant tornado narrowly missed Oklahoma City on Sunday. It wrecked neighbourhoods, and destroyed outlying towns.