World 19 April 2013

Rescue operations are under way to find people trapped or injured by a fertiliser plant explosion in the U-S state of Texas.

World 18 April 2013

CBS Reporter Megan Snipes says the Texas plant factory, that exploded on April 18, 2013, is still considered dangerous.
Firefighters are concerned about anhydrous ammonia, a gas used at the fertiliser plant.

World 18 April 2013

The US Public Safety Department says it's too early to confirm exactly how many people have been killed in an explosion at a fertiliser plant in Texas. More than 100 are believed to be injured.

World 14 April 2013

Topless Feminist activists were hauled from a building by security at the Arab World Conference in Paris, after storming in and demanding that 19-year-old Amina -- who posted topless pictures on Facebook -- be released.

World 13 April 2013

Although surfers are more apprehensive to ride rivers than the sea, when its time for “The Pro-roca”, Brazilian surfers can’t say no.

World 11 April 2013

Bloggers in China are using social media and blogs to expose political corruption in the country.

World 9 April 2013

Rihanna is headed for South Africa in October, where she will perform her Diamonds World Tour.

World 4 April 2013

North Korea is now threatening to attack the United States with nuclear weapons.

World 19 March 2013

Pope Francis has officially begun his ministry as the 266th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.