Africa 1 July 2013

Fresh concerns of violence in the north-east. The National Human Rights Commission says it has credible reports that troops are targeting civilians. And have killed nearly 2 thousand people since 2010.

Africa 1 July 2013

From Monday, UN forces will be deploying in Mali. It’s set to become the organisation’s third-largest peacekeeping force by the end of the year.

South Africa 1 July 2013

Nelson Mandela’s daughter Zindzi, says that the former President is responsive and the family speaks to him continuously. Mandela is entering his fourth week in hospital and is officially in a critical but stable condition.

South Africa 1 July 2013

US President Barack Obama addressed students in Cape Town on Sunday evening. Obama promised, amongst other things, a stronger relationship between the US and African countries.

Africa 1 July 2013

Thousands across Egypt are calling for President Mohamed Morsi to step down. Protests against Morsi began in Cairo's Tahrir Square. The mass rallies come on the first year anniversary of Morsi's swearing in.

World 1 July 2013

People around the world are praying for former president Nelson Mandela. In the US, the ailing statesman has been honoured during the Black Entertainment Television Awards. The prestigious ceremony was held in Los Angeles on Sunday night.

South Africa 1 July 2013

Nelson Mandela has spent over 3 weeks in the Pretoria heart hospital.

South Africa 1 July 2013

Outside the Mediclinic Heart Hospital in Pretoria where ailing former president Nelson Mandela is being treated, some entrepreneurs have seen an opportunity to make money from the crowds.

Africa 1 July 2013

Tanzania is now gearing up to host the US President. Barack Obama and his family arrive in Dar es Salaam on Monday. And ordinary people have been sharing what they'd say to the American leader - should they ever meet.

South Africa 1 July 2013

US President Barack Obama hailed South Africa as the country that inspired his political activism. Obama was addressing students in Cape Town on Sunday evening.