South Africa 19 November 2013

Egypt, November 19 – Egyptian police fired teargas to disperse a crowd of several hundred people in Cairo's Tahrir Square. They had gathered to commemorate the second anniversary of deadly clashes on Mohamed Mahmoud Street in Cairo.

South Africa 19 November 2013

Dermatology researchers from the University of Cape Town seem to think so. They say the popular clean-shaven head known as the chiskop could result in health problems.

Africa 19 November 2013

Beirut, November 19 – Two blasts have ripped through the Lebanese capital of Beirut killing up to 20 people. More than a hundred others have been injured.

Life 19 November 2013

This Bon Jovi fan let's his inhibitions fly

South Africa 19 November 2013

Johannesburg, November 19 – South African sport has found an unlikely and unassuming ambassador. Simone Robb took gold at the inaugural ISA Women’s World Longboard Championships in Peru at the end of September.

South Africa 19 November 2013

November 19 - eNCA reporter Lenyaro Sello talks about initial impressions of the disaster in the town of Avuyog. She has accompanied relief group Rescue South Africa on an aid mission.

South Africa 19 November 2013

Johannesburg, November 19 - Prosecutors claim Ivan Savov, Rodavan Krejcir's business associate, were part of a scheme to defraud the troubled Mangaung prison of millions.

South Africa 19 November 2013

November 19 - eNCA speaks to researcher Kerwin Lebone, from the SA Institute for Race Relations, about the results of a report released by Statistics SA. The report highlights the huge disparities in living conditions between black and white infants.

South Africa 19 November 2013

November 19 - Minority rights group Afriforum has released a video, on November 18, showing three masked men gaining access to a private home. The incident was caught on the home-owner's cctv camera system.

South Africa 19 November 2013

Cape Town, November 19 - A Global forum, the International commission for conservation of Atlantic Tunas, of forty six countries has gathered in Cape Town to deliberate on the future of Atlantic Bluefin tuna, sharks, and illegal fishing.