Plane crash victim may have been run over by fire truck

SAN FRANCISCO - It's emerged that one of the victims of the San Francisco plane crash might have been run over by a fire truck.

Investigators are still reviewing surveillance footage to determine if one of the two teenagers killed had died after the accident.

It's also emerged the pilot was under supervision at the time, as he was still being trained to operate the Boeing 777.

Asiana Flight 214 crashed on landing on Saturday, killing two 16-year-olds and injuring more than 180 other people.

Eyewitnesses and survivors have described the chaos in the aftermath of the crash as rescuers scrambled to help passengers flee the burning wreck.

That horror has now increased, with revelations one of the passengers may have been run over by a fire engine rushing to scene. 

"It became aware to one of our fire attack battalion chiefs that there was a possibility that one of their two fatalities might have been contacted by one of our apparatus at an unknown point during the incident," said Dale Carnes, assistant deputy chief of the San Francisco Fire Department.

- eNCA

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