Checkpoint: Mawarire weeps for Zimbabwe


Zimbabwean cleric Evan Mawarire appeared in a packed Harare courtroom draped in the Zimbabwean flag after spending the night in police cells as officers searched his house, church and office.

JOHANNESBURG - Last week, Checkpoint reported from Zimbabwe after Pastor Evans Mawarire’s court victory.

He&39;s been called Zimbabwe&39;s Martin Luther King after urging peaceful protest against a corrupt and inept government.

But President Robert Mugabe says the pastor is no man of God.

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Checkpoint’s Nkepile Mabuse sat down with Mawarire during his recent visit to South Africa.

Mawarire said he was shocked and dismayed by the conditions under which Zimbabweans who have fled to South Africa are living.

*Watch the full interview in the gallery above.

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