GALLERY: Robert Mugabe turns 90

Zimbabwe's veteran leader Robert Mugabe holds 83 ballons

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe, Africa's oldest-serving leader, turned the screws on the opposition and soaked up the praise of loyalists on his 83rd birthday 21 February as shops ran out of bread.

HARARE - Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe turns ninety on Friday.

The country will celebrate his birthday on Sunday at a ceremony in Marondera, east of Harare.

It is alleged that his birthday celebration will cost $1-million. 

Mugabe has been at the helm for thirty four years -- Africa’s oldest president.

His health and advanced age have raised concerns, with many questioning whether or not he should still be in office.

Mugabe&39;s current term ends in 2018, when he will be ninety-four.



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