'This is an international war,' says Kenya president


An image grab taken from AFP TV shows shoppers raising their arms as they are evacuated from the Westgate mall in Nairobi.

These are some of the comments just made by Kenya&39;s President Uhuru Kenyatta at a press conference after the attack on a mall that killed at least 59 people, including a South African businessman

*My nephew and his fianc are among those who died.

*Many of us have lost loved ones. Let us mourn as a nation.

*To those who have lost loved ones, I offer words of comfort.

*More than 1,000 have been rescued and attended to.

*We continue to rescue more, this is remarkable.

*We want to see this conclude as quickly as possible.

*Ten to 15 armed terrorists are inside the building as well as many unarmed, badly shaken individuals.

*Forces have responded in an effective and professional manner as circumstances allowed. They put their lives on the line for the greater good.

*Kenyan defence forces teams supplemented intervention.

*The criminals are in one part of the building.

*We have received words from world leaders offering support, assistance.

*Thank-you to all international our friends who have reached out to us and stood with us.

*Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility but investigation underway to establish full responsibility.

*They will not get away with this act.

*We will punish the masterminds quickly.

*Let us defeat them with our unity.

*We have seen many, many Kenyans lining up to give blood to their bros and sisters.

*We will triumph.

*Keep helping and praying.

*Once again appealing to international community that this is an incident of terror that can happen anywhere, many nations have suffered from such crime.

*This is not the time to issue travel advisories; in doing so, it plays into the hands of those who caused harm.

*This is not a Kenyan war, this is an international war, and we need to work hard to see this effectively destroyed.


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