Kids learn how to crack corruption

Kids learn how to crack corruption

Teaching children to fight corruption

JOHANNESBURG -  December 9 is International Anti-Corruption Day.
It was created by the United Nations in 2003.
Liberian author and Tutu Fellow Robtel Pailey was inspired to tackle corruption after experiencing it first-hand in the country’s scholarships programme. 
In 2012 she was asked to write a book about corruption for children. 
Pailey put pen to paper and her book “Gbagba” was published in early 2013.
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With Liberian schools remaining closed due to the outbreak of Ebola, Pailey decided to bring the book to the children.

We&39;re interested in expanding the market looking at South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt and Nigeria.

She’s inviting the public to donate copies of Gbagba to children who have been most affected by the disease.

For information on international anti-corruption day, click here.