Libya to return bodies of 20 beheaded Egyptian Christians


Refrigerated containers in Misratah where the bodies of Islamic State (IS) group fighters are being stored.

MISRATA - Libya will on Monday return to Egypt the bodies of 20 Egyptian Christians killed in 2015 by Islamic State (IS) in its former stronghold of Sirte, a Libyan security official said.

The bodies were recovered in October after the area in which they were buried was recaptured from the jihadist group.

The Coptic Christians were beheaded on a beach in February 2015 wearing orange jumpsuits, according to a video posted by IS.

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Their bodies will be flown from the western city of Misrata to Egypt, a Libyan official said, adding that there was an additional victim from Ghana.

A total of 21 people were beheaded at the time.

IS took control of Sirte in 2015 but lost the city late last year to local forces backed by US air strikes.