LIVE BLOG: Zimbabwe welcomes a new President


Zimbabwe's incoming president Emmerson Mnangagwa gestures as he speaks at Zimbabwe's ruling Zanu-PF party headquarters in Harare.

HARARE - Zimbabwe&39;s president-in-waiting Emmerson Mnangagwa&39;s inauguration ceremony will kick off at 9:20am on Friday morning, with the focus on the arrival of dignitaries.

Mnangagwa will arrive with his wife at 10:30 am, once all local and visiting dignitaries have been seated.

The Mayor of the City of Harare will be the first guest to be welcomed, followed by the Commander of the Defence Forces and Service Chiefs

Members of the House of Assembly, the Central Committee and the Politburo -Diplomatic Corps, will be welcomed, followed by the judges of the Supreme and High courts, the Prosecutor-General and the Attorney-General.

They will be followed by government ministers, the speaker of the National Assembly and the president of the Senate, the Chief Justice, and visiting former and present heads of state.

Mnangagwa will then be welcomed by the national anthem as he arrives.

The Minister of Religion, Right Reverend Bishop Mutendi, will then offer the opening prayer before the Chief Justice Luke Malaba steps up to administer the oath of office to Mnangagwa.

The Commander of the Defence Forces and the Service Chiefs will address Mnangagwa for the first time as the Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces and will offer him their pledge of allegiance.

President Mnangagwa will then be invited to inspect the Guard of Honour.

At 12:10pm, Zimbabwe&39;s third president will deliver his inaugural address.

At 12:40pm,  Zanu-PF representative will deliver a congratulatory message and vote of thanks to the new president.

This will be followed by the days entertainment.