UPDATE: Lynne Brown is incapable and captured: former Eskom spokesman


File: Minister of Public Enterprises Lynne Brown addressing the media.

JOHANNESBURG - A former Eskom board spokesperson had harsh words for Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown.

The inquiry into the power giant’s affairs is underway in Parliament.

According to Khulani Qoma: "Her (Brown&39;s) DG is captured, her PA is captured, obviously her lover&39;s interest at Eskom, and then you have Transnet, Eskom and Denel people who are captured. That is water to her, so she&39;s in the mist of water yet she says: &39;I&39;m not wet&39;. Are we supposed to believe that?

"The problem here is the minister. This Minister needs to sit here and account because this mess would not have been possible if she was a capable minister. She&39;s totally incapable, there&39;s no doubt about that."

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Qoma says the company&39;s current board has also been captured.

"The current acting chairperson said this new board, including the minister, as I stated, they are captured... This board marries an individual, not an institution, and this individual happens to be totally captured. It lends to reason that the board is without capacity."

Brown subsequently released a statement, asking that Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Public Enterprises’ be "even-handed and allow those who have been accused by selected witnesses an opportunity to state their positions at the inquiry."

In the statement, she says: “Unless the Parliamentary inquiry into allegations of malfeasance at state-owned companies gives those who have been accused of wrongdoing the opportunity to explain their actions, it will serve no higher function than advancing political agendas and further undermining the economy."

“Let me state, unequivocally, that I do not take instructions from anybody.

“If truth be told, Eskom officials intentionally misled me on the Trillian matter and the acting chairperson has assured me that those responsible will be charged by the company,” Brown said.