Mauritius tops ease of doing business survey


Mauritius has once again topped the World Banks ease of doing business survey for sub-Saharan Africa, with Eritrea coming in last on the continent.

WASHINGTON - Developing economies quickened the pace of their business reforms during the last 12 months to make it easier for local businesses to start and operate, according to the World Bank.

Its annual ease of doing business measurement survey shows that economies in Sub-Saharan Africa have an average ranking on the ease of doing business of 143.

Mauritius has the region’s highest ranking, at 32. Rwanda has its second highest (62), followed by Botswana (72) and South Africa (73).

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Other large economies in the region and their rankings are Kenya (108), Nigeria (169), and Uganda (122).

Those with the region’s lowest rankings are Eritrea (189), South Sudan (187), and the Central African Republic (185).

Rwanda ranks among the best in the world in Getting Credit (2) and Registering Property (12).

Average rankings for Sub-Saharan Africa show the most room for improvement in Getting Electricity (149), Trading across Borders (136), and Paying Taxes (131)—all areas where it ranks last among regions.

In cross-border trade, for example, completing border compliance procedures takes an exporter in the region 108 hours and $542 on average, compared with a global average of 64 hours and $389.

The full report can be found below:

Doing Business 2016

Below is the global context.

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