More than 30 women and children abducted in South Sudan


The United Nations Mission in South Sudan is appealing for help with the influx of people displaced following recent clashes between rival forces in the capital, Juma.

KHARTOUM – Humanitarian organisations are working round the clock to ascertain the whereabouts of 32 children and women abducted by armed groups in South Sudan.

It is feared they might have been killed following the recent abduction and subsequent killing of other refugees near the refugee hosting area of Lasu Payam.

The fatal shooting and machete attack by armed groups killed two and wounded five refugees from the Kordofan region.

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Meanwhile, four women and 28 children are still in captivity in an unknown location following their abduction from a refugee centre in late October.

The captors entered the settlement and asked refugees to present their food ration cards for food distribution mobilisation, allegedly on behalf of the United Nations (UN).

A UN spokesperson said they were attempting to obtain details about the whereabouts of the abducted group and their captors.

Prior to the raids, Lasu hosted over 10,000 refugees. The camp is now empty.

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