New diamond exploration for Botswana


File image of diamonds.

GABORONE – British diamond miner Botswana Diamonds Plc has announced that its subsidiary Maibwe Diamonds will soon commence exploratory drilling works at one of the Brightstone block of prospecting licences in the Gope region, a kimberlite rich region of south-central Botswana.

In a statement released on Monday, Botswana Diamonds said the Large Diameter Drilling (LDD) programme would focus on macro-diamond evaluation while work on the other prospecting licenses in the same area is planned for the near future.

“The planned LDD drilling for macro diamond evaluation, to be undertaken by Maibwe Diamonds, is to follow up on diamond drilling conducted in 2015 on PL 186 which found a number of diamondiferous kimberlites.

“The LDD drilling is to confirm the 2015 results and gain a clearer understanding of the grade and size frequency distribution of diamonds.The area is deemed highly prospective for diamond discoveries,” the company said.

Botswana Diamonds Plc chairman John Teeling said the company already knows that there are substantial diamond deposits on Prospecting Licence Number 186 and wants to use the upcoming drilling to establish the grade and quality of the gems.

Botswana Diamond acquired a 15% share of Maibwe Diamonds in 2013 in a joint venture with Brightstone Mining, which previously owned licences on the Gope Block.

Last year, Botswana’s stated-owned nickel producer Bamangwato Concession Limited (BCL) acquired a 51% stake to take over the entire block.