Nigeria suffers with crippling fuel shortages

NIGERIA – Commercial capital, Lagos, has come to a standstill due to the crippling fuel shortages that has hit the African country in recent weeks. 

Long queues of patrons have begun appearing at various petrol stations. But despite the country being one of Africa’s largest oil producers, none of Nigeria’s four oil refineries are producing the required amount to run the country’s transport system. 

It is alleged that the refineries are engulfed in mismanagement, inefficiency and corruption, but it is the residents who are paying the price, with commuters being left stranded as the crisis deteriorates.

One resident says that for a country supplying other countries with oil, this shouldn’t be an issue for Nigerians.

"We are not supposed to be passing through all this trouble as an oil producing nation, we are the people supplying other countries," – resident. 

Petrol stations ran out of fuel two weeks ago and have since been rationing the little that has remained and marketers warn the situation could persist for weeks.