Nigeria to clean up oil pollution


Gaagaa Gidom, a 60 year-old fisherman and father of eight looks at the spilled crude oil floating on his shadow in the waters of the Niger Delta swamps of Bodo.

MOSCOW– Nigerian Vice President Oluyemi Osinbajo announced an operation on Thursday to clean up oil pollution in the southern Niger Delta after calls from a UN agency, local media reported.

The clean-up in the Ogoni land in Nigeria’s Rivers State followed a report by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), according to Radio Nigeria.

UNEP published its report back in 2011, asking Nigerian authorities to deal with multiple oil spills in the oil-rich delta that affected farmlands and fisheries of the indigenous Ogoni people.

The radio cited Nigerian Environment Minister Amina Mohammed who said the president had kept his promises, but expected locals to share responsibility for cleaning up the Ogoni land.

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