Photographer profiles artists


Omar Victor Diop's new project "Studio of Vanities" profiles the talent behind Senegal's most prominent artists.

SENEGAL - A photographer is promoting the country&39;s most prominent artists.

Omar Victor Diop&39;s new project "Studio of Vanities" profiles the talent behind the work.

By doing so, he hopes to project a different image of his country.

Diop wants recognition for Dakar&39;s creative community and is profiling artists -- ranging from fashion designers to writers and musicians.

He has already documented 24 of them.

"It&39;s a great adventure discovering human nature," said Diop.

"Very often, once people feel liberated of social constraints and free from the role they play in society, they are very surprising. That&39;s always really nice."

He meets different artists who teach him different things.

"Truly, I am really honoured.  If I was a little five-year-old girl, I would be jumping up and down everywhere -- that&39;s how happy I am."

Diop is internationally recognised but draws his inspiration from Dakar where he says creativity is flourishing.

"If I had to choose a word to illustrate everything that is going on in Dakar&39;s cultural scene, the word would definitely be &39;boom.&39; 

"Everyone is involved. I think that Senegalese people in general are born artists.

"But what is going on right now is that there is a renewed awareness and focus on artistic potential, and our way of life."

Diop is aiming to take at least 100 portraits for the Vanities series.

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