Rwandan genocide suspect fights extradition


The sentencing of 20 Boeremag members is set to take place in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria.

COPENHAGEN - A Rwandan sought by Kigali for his alleged role in the 1994 genocide will contest a Danish extradition ruling in the European Court of Human Rights, his lawyer said Thursday.

Emmanuel Mbarushimana, 51, appealed the Wednesday decision by Denmark&39;s Supreme Court to extradite him to Rwanda on the grounds that he won&39;t get a fair trial there, his lawyer Bjoern Elmqvist said.

"He wanted to bring in witnesses in Denmark who could tell the court that the actual conditions (in Rwanda) don&39;t live up to the legislation," Elmqvist said.

"He&39;s afraid that the courts there aren&39;t independent," he said.

The request to the European human rights court means the Rwandan citizen&39;s deportation from Denmark could be suspended for years.

A Swedish court ordered the extradition of another Rwandan genocide suspect, Sylvere Ahorugeze, in 2009, but he was able to delay his deportation for two years after lodging a similar appeal.

Mbarushimana stands accused of "genocide, complicity to commit genocide and conspiracy to commit genocide," as well as for crimes against humanity, extermination and for "forming and leading a criminal group that aims to harm people," according to the Danish court.

The 1994 genocide in Rwanda saw 800,000 people, mainly minority Tutsis, slaughtered by the military and Hutu militias.