Sewage system poses a threat in Kenya

NAIROBI - The sewage system in Nairobi poses a threat to the city’s ecosystem.

The system urgently needs an upgrade.

In the Kibera area, residents are forced to relieve themselves anywhere because the area does not have enough toilets. 

Broken and open sewers pose a threat to residents.

“There are no toilets in the houses. Toilets are somewhere else, in the field, in the forest somewhere. There are not enough toilets in Kibera,” said Kibera resident Edward Ogalo.

Umande Trust is at the forefront of the fight against environmental degradation.

It said Nairobi’s sewage system is overwhelmed and an obstacle to the country&39;s developmental goals.

“Our sewage infrastructure was designed in the 60s, so our system is 50 years old. Jubilee years behind development and we have a situation where we generate so much waste. Several tones of human and garbage waste and it’s all let out to the river and the open sewerage," Josiah Omotto of Umande Trust.

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