South Sudan hit by cholera outbreak


A photograph released on 04 March 2014 shows a South Sudanese child taking cholera vaccine at an out patients department run by aid organisation Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in Minkamman, South Sudan, 03 March 2014.

South Sudan has been hit by a cholera outbreak. 
Health officials say one person has died and 18 suspected cases have been recorded in the capital Juba.                                                                  
The government is calling for greater caution around the capital. 
They say people should avoid drinking that hasn’t been boiled and also avoid eating without first washing their hands with soap.
The sick have been taken to the Juba Teaching Hospital.
"Yesterday roughly six cases or seven were taken to Juba Teaching Hospital complaining of similar symptoms. One of those patients passed away, but last night the number increased and this morning the number is on the rise. So the total number of cases we have right now are 18, including the deceased of course," said National Minister of Health Riak Gai Kock.

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