WATCH: President Zuma launchesOperation Phakisa


President Jacob Zuma will launch the Operation Phakisa segment focusing on agriculture, land reform andrural development in Roodeplaat, Pretoria on Friday

PRETORIA - The Operation Phakisa programme, modelled around the Malaysian Big Fast Results methodology, is used by government to intensively focus on a particular sector, bringing together government, business, labour and academia to dissect and find solutions to delivery problems.

The programme has successfully been implemented in education, health and the ocean economy.

Operation Phakisa: Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development aims to enhance and transform the agricultural sector as well as accelerate land reform to ensure an inclusive rural economy.

The programme will be launched under the theme “Transforming the Agricultural Sector towards an Inclusive Rural Economy”. Among other interventions, the programme reviews existing producer support models as well as development finance models aimed at fast tracking Land Reform to find workable solutions given the urgent need for government to make progress in land reform and food security.

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