WATCH: 'It's a coup': Zim Public Service Minister


Zimbabweans are calling on Robert Mugabe to relinquish power.

JOHANNESBURG - Zimbabwe’s Public Service Minister insists a coup is currently underway in Zimbabwe.

Patrick Zhuwao says the military has simply been trying to water down what is really going on there.

IN MEMES: Looks like a coup, smells like a coup, but is it a coup?

Zhuwao, who is also Mugabe’s nephew, is in hiding, claiming there are threats to make him disappear should he go home.

He says the latest turn of events was unexpected.

“Not in our wildest thoughts did we think that the military will be as stupid as to subvert the constitution and embark on a coup, never in our wildest dreams," says Zhuwao.

"We really had so much confidence that our military commanders knew what was right and that they would not do something as nefarious, disgusting, deplorable, as shameful as conducting a military coup in this day and age…. If it is a coup, it looks like a coup and it smells like a coup, it is a coup. They are lying.”

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Zhuwao says his uncle must never give in.

"President Robert Mugabe is required by law to uphold the constitution and it’s not what I think it is a matter of his duties and obligations. He must never ever give in to people that break the constitution, in particular people that use the threat of force to break the constitution. That is wrong.”

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