Willemse and Mallett had a tense relationship: Ashwin's biographer


File: South African Ashwin Willemse in action against Namibia during the World cup 2007 warm up match at Newlands stadium in Cape Town.

JOHANNESBURG – Ashwin Willemse&39;s biographer on Monday weighed in on the former Springbok winger&39;s studio walkout, describing the relationship between Willemse and fellow SuperSport analyst Nick Mallett as strained.

Heindrich Wyngaard said he believed the incident was bound to happen since the "tension has been there for a very long time".  

Wyngaard said regular rugby viewers will have noticed there was no love lost between Mallett and Willemse.

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Willemse criticised fellow presenters Naas Botha and Mallett on air saying he would not be patronised by two individuals who played during the apartheid era.

Wyngaard said he spoke to Willemse on Sunday night and could assure that "he is thinking about what happened, and maybe even questioning whether it was the right thing to do. But at that moment, he thought it was the right thing to do".

SuperSport said it is investigating the incident.