Zambia50: We have the ability to create a Zambia we want


Zambian blogger Isaac Mwiya writes about hope and inspiring people to realise their true potential.

On the 50th anniversary of Zambia’s independence spoke to some young Zambian bloggers to find out what they love most about Zambia and what they believe still needs to change.

Introduce yourself
My name is Isaac Mwiya. I’m 26 and I live in Lusaka. My blog is about motivation and inspiration. Anything and everything that has the capacity to inspire and motivate the next generation of leaders will find its way on to the blog.

Why did you start blogging?
My blog is about helping people realise their true potential. I created the blog in order to communicate a message of hope. If I can help one person look to the future with a renewed sense of hope and optimism I will count that as a success.

What do you love about Zambia?
There are so many things I love about Zambia. One of them is the peaceful coexistence that we have had over the last 50 years. Zambia has over 70 tribal groupings. It’s amazing, almost unbelievable, that a country with such diversity can survive for 50 years without conflict.

Zambia is the third most peaceful country in Africa after Mauritius and Botswana.

What makes the people of Zambia special and unique to others in Africa?
Zambians are known for their welcoming hearts. Every time I talk to visitors they tell me how welcomed they feel by the Zambian people. It is a legacy we are proud of.

Tell us about the digital space in Zambia? How does this impact on your ability to express yourself?
According to the ITU report for 2013 only 15.4% of Zambians use the Internet. This poses a great challenge in reaching out to the people who really need the message I share. I get more visitors to my blog from the United State of America that I get from here! It’s a huge challenge.

After 50 years of independence in Zambia what do you think still needs to change?
Zambia needs what Dora Siliya (Member of Parliament and former minister of Education) calls “mental infrastructure re-engineering”.

We need a paradigm shift in the way we think and the way we do things.

We have to come to a place where we realise that we have the capacity to devise solutions to the challenges that face us. We have the ability to create a Zambia we want; a nation that our grandchildren will be proud to call home.

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