Chikane says NPA should have 'no excuses' about capacity

The Presidency has received the second part of the state capture inquiry report. The Defend Our Democracy Campaign says if the NPA does not have the capacity, private prosecutions should happen instead. Reverend Frank Chikane speaks to #eNCA Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Part two of the state capture report has been released and it focuses on state capture at the Transnet and Denel SOEs.

Despite the report, many people are skeptical that perpetrators will not be brought to book.

Civil society groups are also calling for private prosecutions if the National Prosecuting Authority doesn't have the capacity.

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Reverend Frank Chikane from the Defend Our Democracy Campaign says the NPA should have no excuses about capacity as they knew the reports were coming.

Chikane said "they must create the capacity they've been aware that the commission reports are coming.

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"They've been following the commission, and therefore they should have built the capacity. If they have not built it yet then there are ready made people who were investigators at the commission, lawyers at the commission, who should be drawn in to continue what they were doing and enable the NPA to prosecute.

"What we are saying is if the NPA fails to do that or says we don't have capacity then private prosecutions should happen, it's costly I'm told and entities like Eskom could lay charges and charge people but then you'd need the NPA to participate.

"Some said we could do something else, prepare the cases against people where there is enough evidence before us and hand them over to the NPA to say here's the material, prosecute. But this country can't afford to fail to deal with those who committed crimes especially crimes of state capture. Because that would mean we continue living in a lawless society."


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