Confidence in SA justice system dropping

Public confidence in the police has dropped significantly in the last 10 years. That's one of the key findings by the Human Science Research Council. eNCA's Silindelo Masikane has more.

JOHANNESBURG - It's no secret that the country's judicial system can operate at a snail's pace. Is the notion of swift justice evading us?

Are South Africans losing faith in the ability of these processes to be done effectively?

Justice delayed is justice denied, a phrase one hears all too often when it comes to South Africa's judicial system.

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From former president Jacob Zuma's fraud and corruption charges that date back to 2006 to the Senzo Meyiwa murder trial that's taken almost eight years to begin, what's causing these protracted delays?

Before a matter can get to court it first needs to be investigated by the police.

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A recent report has found that trust in the police is at its lowest in two decades.

When a matter takes years to go to trial, it becomes a breeding ground for conspiracy theories and speculation.

Experts say speedy court cases will help restore public trust in the judicial system. 


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