#Election2019 FAQ: What happens if I’m away from my voting area?

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File: eNCA takes a look at some frequently asked questions around the elections.

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JOHANNESBURG - A record 48 political parties will contest the National and Provincial election on 8 May 2019. eNCA.com takes a look at some of the questions commonly asked by voters.

Q: What happens if I am away from my voting area?

A: You need to vote at the voting station where you're registered to vote. However, if you're outside of your voting district on Election Day you may vote at another voting station in South Africa. If you're outside the province where you registered, you will only be able to vote in the national election and not the provincial election, and you'll be asked to complete a VEC 4 form at the voting station. 

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Note: Information provided by the Independent Electoral Commission.


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