#eNCAElectionBus: Durban curry is still hot

The eNCA Election bus rolled into Durban at 1.15 Saturday morning after 16 hours on the road from Port Elizabeth.

We were up a few hours later and headed to the beachfront where a massive cleanup operation was underway after the devastating storms last week.

Our first experience was not a friendly one. A very rude Durbanite shouted and swore at us as we tried to park our bus at Blue Lagoon. Thought you were friendlier than that Durban.

Again, students told us they are voting but they have no idea who they are voting for and there’s been absolutely no canvassing on campus.

In an election where that youth vote is said to be most coveted, that’s poor game from political parties.

In popular tourist drawcard Umhlanga, we tried to get white South Africans to talk to us about elections but they were reluctant, saying they were afraid to “say the wrong thing”.

We had better luck in the predominantly Indian area of Phoenix with residents openly expressing how disappointed they are in the government of the day, some saying they would be voting for the small parties that have cropped up in their communities.

MAP: Follow the eNCA Election Bus

One resident had some interesting thoughts on how we could save electricity... different time zones he says like they do in the US to lower demand... make some provinces wake up later than others (I reminded him that Cape Town already does that).

He also said do away with smaller parties that end up selling their vote to bigger parties and just have two big parties that compete. He made a lot of sense. He even admitted that he works for the municipality and that they get paid much more than they should (now that was a first).

Unemployment was a big concern for everyone we spoke to.

We rolled over into a very quiet KwaMashu where a young man told eNCA things are very good in his neighbourhood because a certain minister’s family home is next door so no issues there. He says he will loyally vote for the ANC.

So all in all ... that was Durban...a lukewarm election experience but the curry is still hot.


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