Eskom recovery could take 5 years: expert

JOHANNESBURG - It could take five years before the power utility recovers and is able to provide a stable electricity supply according to one expert.

Professor Hartmut Winkler explained Eskom is relying on a group of very old power stations for the bulk of their power generation.

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"We hope according to government plan is that, on the one hand, the new Medupi and Kusile power stations should be finished, we don't know if they will be because they've been delayed enormously and there are massive problems, even though they are new," he said.

"The second thing that could happen is in that time, you could add a considerable amount of solar and wind power to the system."

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Winkler stated solar and wind power stations would need two years to be built.

Renewable energy expansion has been signed off by the government but Winkler said the drive towards sustainable energy is not happening as quickly as it could.

"I don't see it going the renewables' way," he said.