Legal expert revisits the ruling declaring apartheid flag as hate speech

Lobby group AfriForum is appearing before the Supreme Court of Appeal where it's opposing a 2019 ruling banning the display of the old South African flag. The South Gauteng High Court ruled the display of the 1928 flag amounts to hate speech. To weigh in on AfriForum's court application is legal expert Rupert Candy. #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The apartheid flag is a celebration of white supremacy.

This according to legal expert Rupert Candy.

He said the flag symbolises hatred.  

WATCH: Gratuitous display of Apartheid flag hate speech

Candy was commenting on an AfriForum appeal against the banning of the old South African flag.

Candy said: "This was unanimous judgment. In the judgement, it is endorsed by the idea that the manifestation of hatred can take other forms besides words.

"You can use symbolism like the apartheid flag as a form of hatred. The dominant meaning is the celebration of white supremacy and black subjugation. It is not just a local position but an international and it’s been the case since 1973 what that flag represents, a celebration of apartheid, must be declared a crime against humanity.”


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