Mashaba's resignation a logical decision

Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba has resigned and will leave the DA and his office on 27 November. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The DA will probably lose control of the Johannesburg Metro following the resignation of mayor Herman Mashaba.

But it's unlikely the day-to-day running of the city will be affected.

That's the view of Municipal IQ's, Karen Heese.

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Heese said Mashaba's decision to resign was logical.

"He was always in a difficult position," Heese said.

"Arguably, out of all the mayors managing coalitions, he did the best."

Mashaba was elected mayor of the city of gold in 2016, leading a minority government with the aid of the EFF.

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Heese says there is a possibility the DA may not be in government in the City of Johannesburg post-Mashaba tenure.

"It is very likely that the new DA proposed candidate will not get the support of the EFF, which likely means that the DA stands a good chance of losing Johannesburg," she said.

"So Johannesburg could change control. It lies in the hands of the EFF and whether they would choose to support the ANC."