Medupi delays were due to corruption: energy expert

Energy expert Ted Blom spoke with eNCA's Dan Moyane. Courtesy of #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Eskom maintains that the Medupi plant is crucial to the stability of South Africa's power supply.

Energy expert Ted Blom believes that corruption is the reason the project was so delayed.

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"Let me just remind the public, I’m on record and I stand by my record because I verified it subsequently when I saw the first Medupi quotation it was R34-billion after the involvement of chancellor and the ANC and corruption it moved up to R80-odd billion and its currently running at R230-billion and I don’t anticipate it will be finished under R3-billion once they finish with scrubbers," Blom said.

"So there is still a lot of money that needs to be spent, where Eskom is going to find the funds I do not know but a lot of money still needs to be found to finish off the job properly."


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