Things don't add up: Lawyer on Meyiwa murder case

David Loxton, CEO of Loxton Attorneys, chats to @XoliMngambi about why Senzo Meyiwa's murder case is still not ready for trial five years down the line. Courtesy #Dstv403

JOHANNESBURG - Five years on, the Senzo Meyiwa murder case is still open.

A Sunday newspaper reported that the former Bafana Bafana captain was shot by one of the seven people
present at his girlfriend Kelly Khumalo's home.

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All witnesses claimed the incident was a robbery gone wrong.

Police initially reported that seven suspects entered the house and an altercation took place before Meyiwa was shot.

Meyiwa's family says it will do whatever it takes to ensure his killers are brought to book and have appointed AfriForum to help with the investigation.

David Loxton, CEO of Loxton Attorneys, said it's very difficult just to go on media reports because one enters the realm of pure speculation.

Loxton named some concerning features about the case, including the slow progression of the investigation.

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"What the reports seem to be saying is police took statements and seem to have not taken the case any further," said Loxton.

"Secondly, what the reports seem to be saying is the witnesses claim that people broke in from outside the house and did the shooting, but eyewitnesses, neighbours, say that's not true. It must have happened from someone within the house.

"Which means that things don't add up and one would have thought that under those circumstances, the police would have interrogated those people much further as opposed to five years on [where] we are still finding the case is going absolutely nowhere," Loxton said. 


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